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Broncho Rider Boys. The Boys were created by Frank Fowler (Doctor Broadway, Smooth Kyle) and appeared in the six-volume “Broncho Rider Boys” series, beginning with The Broncho Rider Boys at Keystone Ranch (1914) and ending with Broncho Rider Boys with Funston at Vera Cruz (1916).

The Broncho Rider Boys are Adrian Sherwood, Billie (a.k.a. “Little Billie.” a.k.a. “Bronco Billie,” a.k.a. “William Stonewall Jackson Winkle”) and Donald Mackay, a trio of prepubescents who fight crime, evil, white bandits, Mexican bandits, and Pancho Villa, as well as Donald Mackay’s old enemy, the "conceited" Clement Deering (who is "tricky, unscrupulous, and bold in attempting to gain his ends by trickery when other means failed") across the American Southwest.

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