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Britz, Lieutenant. Lieutenant Britz was created by “Hilary Blake,” the pseudonym of Max Marcin (Crime Doctor), and appeared in six stories and serials in People’s Ideal Fiction Magazine from 1910 to 1912, beginning with “Britz, of Headquarters” (People’s Ideal Fiction Magazine, Mar 1910).

Lieutenant Britz is a lieutenant in the N.Y.P.D. He has “keen gray eyes” and a compelling, “magic” personality. He “compelled immediate attention by reason of his personality. He carried himself with an air of certainty, as if accustomed to meeting grave problems—and solving them. As he stood at the right of the coroner, his keen gray eyes, set deep beneath the arched outline of his eyebrows, swept the faces of the sorrowing employees, as if trying to read their inmost thoughts. Despite the severe cast of his features, there was something engaging about the man, some magic of personality, that drew one irresistibly toward him.”

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