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Brink, Captain. Captain Brink was created by Bob Olsen (Archimedes Banning, Justin Pryor) and appeared in “Captain Brink of the Space Marines” (Amazing Stories, Nov. 1932) and “The Space Marines and the Slavers” (Amazing Stories, Dec. 1936).

Captain Brink of the Earth Republic Space Navy is sent to Ganymede Outpost to rescue the Valentine twins, two thrill-seeking young women who are under attack by angry Titanian natives. The Navy can only spare a small rocket and two men, and since the Titanians are super-intelligent amoeba, Brink and one assistant are easily captured. The Titanians threaten the Marines with vivisection, but Brink uses fire (which the Titanians fear) to escape and then takes the Valentine twins away from Titan on their ship. In the sequel Captain Brink leads a group of Marines on a mission to rescue Ingeborg Andersen, the sweetheart of one of Brink’s men, from the vile clutches of the Martian space pirate Zurek.

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