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Brett, Dixon. Dixon Brett appeared in hundreds of stories in several story papers and in at least one novel from 1910 to 1927, beginning with Tip Top Detective Tales #1 (Oct. 1910); his stories were reprinted in Denmark in Sport og Mysterier #1-16 (1921-1922). Brett’s creator is unknown, but some of the authors who wrote his stories included Stephen H. Agnew (Peter Flint, John Lyon), Chris Allen (Monty Cute), and “Jack Wylde” (Farringdon).

Dixon Brett is a Great Detective Scientific Detective modeled on Sexton Blake. Brett is a "scientific sleuth" who makes use of the most recent scientific advances, like Roëntgen rays, to solve crimes. His laboratory is up-to-date and filled with the most advanced instruments, which often come in very useful while hunting down criminals and figuring how just how a murder victim has been killed, or just what kind of seed has been left at the scene of a crime. Brett is tall and handsome, with grey hair and a distinguished face. He is usually friendly, but while working on a case he becomes taciturn and withdrawn. His home is an expansive flat in Lincoln's Inn on Gray's Inn Road in London, but his cases take him around the world. His two assistants are Pat Malone and Bill Slook, a hot-tempered Irish stereotype and a very young-looking thirty-two-year old leg-man who Brett rescued from an opium den. Brett drives the Night Hawk, a Mercedes racer which is faster than any other machine on the road.

Like Nick Carter (I) and Sexton Blake, Brett’s Rogues’ Gallery is larger than life. It includes the run-of-the-mill anarchists, gangsters, corrupt industrialists, nihilists, and the like, but there were also figures like Fan Chu Fang for Brett to deal with. Fan Chu Fang, the Wizard Mandarin, "the incarnate essence of Eastern subtlety, the greatest criminal genius who ever came out of the Orient,” is a Yellow Peril who terrorizes London for weeks until Brett puts an end to his evil plans. Fang is "a veritable archangel of evil," an agent of the Chinese government who successfully raids Buckingham Palace and who uses opium and hypnotism to bring low his enemies. Besides Fan Chu Fang, there is the Crime King, head of all the criminals in London; the "Baker's Dozen," a team-up of thirteen of the foulest crooks imaginable; the Tiger of Paris, a lethal apache of the streets; and there is the Black Eagle, a cunning Lupin.

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