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Brenty. Brenty was created by the Mexican creator Jose G. Cruz (AdelitaJuan Sin Miedo, Letty Lou, Gerald Meldrick, Monje Negro, Nancy) and appeared in a number of comics strips in Paquito and Pepin from 1936 to 1965.

Brenty is a Lupin modeled on Arsène Lupin with strong visual similarities to Clark Gable. Brenty is a Mexican master thief who robs from the rich and gives to the poor while keeping a sizeable percentage for himself. He also solves crimes and helps the oppressed. Early in his career he duels with Monje Negro. Following that, he briefly becomes the lover of Nancy. He attends Adelita’s birthday party. Following one case, he becomes famous and leaves thievery for a career as a “romantic adventurer.” Among his enemies is the Femme Fatale Aracnida and a cult of devil worshipers whose efforts summon forth an actual devil. Most of his enemies are femmes fatale. Brenty is assisted by El Baisas.

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