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Brent, Mister. Mister Brent was created by Gilderoy Davison (Peter Castle, Twisted Face Straussman) and appeared in The Mysterious Mister Brent (1935) and Exit Mister Brent (1936).

Mister Brent is a Superhuman. He has a kind of telepathy, which means he can “receive impressions of other people’s thoughts” when they come within a few feet of him. This ability and his skills as a thief and killer are used by him to steal and to strike at humanity, who Brent hates. Unfortunately for Brent, he is mad, suffers from black outs, and lacks the ability not just to be introspective but even to remember much beyond a few days. He is actually an alternate personality of Tony Rockleston, the son of an eminent diplomat.

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