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Braun, Frank. Frank Braun was created by the German author Hans Heinz Ewers (Alraune) and appeared in Der Zauberlehring oder die Teufelsjäger (1909), Alraune (1911), and Vampir (1920).

Frank Braun is a writer, traveler, and philosopher who embodies both Ewers’ Nietzschean morality, strident German patriotism, and contempt for women. In The Sorcerer’s Apprentice he attempts to become rich by manipulating a small group of evangelical Christians in a small village in the Italian Tyrol. He hypnotizes a woman and makes her his mistress, telling her that she is a saint in a new cult. Bizarre occult phenomena begin to occur, including the appearance of stigmata on Braun’s mistress. He leaves for a time, but when he returns he discovers that his hypnotic control over her has been reversed. Before he can escape his mistress crucifies herself and kills her unborn child. In Alraune, which takes place before and after The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Braun becomes Alraune’s lover. In Vampir Braun discovers that he has become vampire, albeit one without supernatural abilities. He assaults his lovers but has no memories of the attacks, until finally a former mistress tells him what he has become.

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