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Brandon, Professor. Professor Brandon was created by Ed Earl Repp (Bob Allison, Harley Gale, John Hale, Captain Wollack, Yuma Bill) and appeared in “The Stellar Missile” (Science Wonder Stories, Nov. 1929) and “The Second Missile” (Amazing Stories, Dec. 1930).

Professor Brandon discovers a meteorite which is being used as a spaceship by a group of telepathic alien Big-Headed Dwarf Geniuses. The aliens are in suspended animation, so Brandon gives them to Dr. Farrington, who is charged with reviving them. Farrington can’t, although he finds a way to duplicate the suspended animation. However, when Farrington tests this method on his son, he discovers that he doesn’t know how to revive his subjects. Farrington returns to the wreck of the meteorite and after a reporter discovers that the aliens were invaders from an “invisible” planet just beneath the Earth, Farrington succeeds in discovering a cure for suspended animation. Years later Farrington’s son, certain that the 1908 Tunguska meteorite was a spaceship like the one Brandon found, travels to Siberia with Brandon. They are captured by the aliens, who hold them and the locals hostage until the sleeping aliens are returned. Brandon succeeds in bringing the sleeping aliens back, and the aliens return to their planet, taking the local Siberians with them as slaves.

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