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Brandhorst, Leo. Leo Brandhorst was created by “Ucee,” the pseudonym of the Indonesian author S.H. Coldendorff, and appeared in at least six novels from 1924 to at least 1932, beginning with De Schoonste Triomf van de Indo-detective.

Leo Brandhorst is a Great Detective. An “Indo,” or Eurasian, Brandhorst is a police detective who investigates crimes in Batavia and around colonial Java. As an Indo Brandhorst is at home both among the Europeans as among the natives; he is best friends with the police commissioner and mingles with the Batavian elite, but travels incognito among third-class native passengers and ventures into rural kampongs on foot. He is Watsoned by the Ambonese William Sopamena and the Eurasian Kees van Berg, who despite the apposite proverbs he quotes is little use to Brandhorst. Brandhorst takes on Chinese opium smugglers and haunted house mysteries, among others.

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