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Boy Scout. The Boy Scout was created by the French author Jean de La Hire (Paul ArdentAthos, Porthos & Aramis, Black Corsair, Franc-Hardi, Nyctalope, Joe Rollon, Three Boy Scouts, Two Kids) and appeared in L’As des Boy-Scouts #1-52 (1925-1926); the series was reprinted in Italy in 1927 and in Spain in 1930.

The Boy Scout is the French “Ace” of the Scouts, the embodiment of all the Scout virtues. He and his British friend, also a Scout, have a friendly duel as they find adventure around the world, from Africa to the South Pole. They encounter Thugs in India, they find Genghis Khan’s treasure in Mongolia, and they fight pirates in the China Sea.

The Boy Scout appears in stories with titles like “The Cursed Ship,” “An Unforgettable Voyage,” and “Under the Arc de Triomphe.”

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