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Boy Inventors. The Boy Inventors were created by Richard Bonner and appeared in the six-volume “Boy Inventors” series, beginning with The Boy Inventors' Wireless Telegraph (1912) and ending with Boy Inventors’ Radio-Telephone (1915).

The Boy Inventors are Jack Chadwick, “the wide-awake, good-looking son of a man well known for his achievements in science,” and Tom Jesson, Chadwick’s cousin, “almost as bright a lad as his chum and cousin.” With Professor Chadwick, Jack Chadwick and Tom Jesson use SCIENCE! to invent the “Flying Road Racer,” the “Chadwick Gas Gun,” a “diving torpedo boat,” and an “electric hydroaeroplane,” among other creations, and use them to fight against crime and evil in the United States and South America.

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