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Boyd, Felix. Felix Boyd was created by “Scott Campbell,” the pseudonym of Frederick W. Davis (Barton Edgeworth, Sidney Garth, Jack Lightfoot, Richard Ravenswood), and appeared in forty-eight stories and five short story collections from 1904 to 1908, beginning with “Below the Dead Line” (The Popular Magazine, Feb. 1904).

Felix Boyd is a Great Detective. He is a New York City private detective; in manner he is modeled on Sherlock Holmes, but in his approach to detection Boyd is most influenced by Nick Carter (I). Boyd carries two revolvers and shows no compunctions about using them, and his enemies—street-level thugs, vicious murderers, and amoral blackmailers—are closer to Carter’s than Holmes’. Boyd’s Moriarty is the Big Finger, an “obscure genius of crime...a man of power, of vast criminal resources, a man to be feared, and a man whose misdirected genius one cannot but respect.” Boyd pursues the Finger and clashes with him for twenty-four stories before finally defeating him. After breaking up the Big Finger's operations Boyd begins roaming across New York City, solving crimes and fighting criminals both domestic and international, such as Karl Sleuger, a cruel Lupin. Eventually Boyd begins traveling the world, going to London and then to Turkey to defeat an evil sultan. Boyd is Watsoned by police detective Jimmy Coleman.

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