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Boy Allies of the Navy. The Boy Allies of the Navy were created by “Ensign Robert L. Drake,” the pseudonym of Clair W. Hayes (Boy Allies of the Army, Boy Troopers), and appeared in the ten-volume “Boy Allies of the Navy” series, beginning with Boy Allies with the North Sea Patrol (1915) and ending with Boy Allies with the Victorious Fleets (1919).

The Boy Allies of the Navy are Frank Chadwick and Jack Templeton. Chadwick is separated from his father in Italy, and Templeton is an orphan. They are both shanghaied on board an Italian schooner. They take it over and begin using it to fight against the Germans, destroying whole squadrons and upgrading their own ship considerably. They see service in Jutland, in the North Sea, in the Baltic Sea, and in the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf. Chadwick and Templeton have a number of ships sunk out from under them but always prevail, even against enemy saboteurs. They also manage to get involved in submarine warfare with the British Navy's supersubmarine.

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