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Boy Allies of the Army. The Boy Allies of the Army were created by Clair W. Hayes (Boy Allies of the Navy, Boy Troopers) and appeared in the thirteen-volume “Boy Allies of the Army” series, beginning with Boy Allies at Liege (1915) and ending with Boy Allies With Marshall Foch (1919).

The Boy Allies of the Army are Hal Paine and Chester Crawford, two patriotic Americans whose hatred for the Germans leads them to enlist in the British Army and fight against the Germans in World War One. The Boy Allies are active from the Marne to the Carpathians, where they fight alongside the Cossacks, to the Aisne, to the Alps, to the Somme, Verdun, Vimy Ridge, Chateau-Thierry. The Boy Allies finish the war as aides to Marshal Foch.

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