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Bowery Billy. Bowery Billy was created by “John R. Conway,” a Street and Smith pseudonym used in this case by Ernest Avon Young, and appeared in Bowery Boy Weekly #1-100 (1904-1907).

“Bowery Billy” Barlow is a "boot black boy detective." Bowery Billy is

an adventurous little street Arab, whose career in the midst of the whirlpools and slums of a great city brings him in daily contact with such a variety of mysteries and puzzles waiting to be solved, that he just naturally falls into the way of acting the part of a young sleuth, and takes the keenest delight in mixing up with trouble, such as can always be found in the neighborhood of the once famous Bowery--a lad keen and shrewd as they make them, bold of heart, and ready at all times to take chances for a friend. He’s assisted by Louis "Lulu" Drexel, his best friend, and by Jake, the beat cop in the Bowery.

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