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Bottle, Deacon. Deacon Bottle was created by Robert Mahaffay and appeared in fifty-one stories in Star Western and Walt Coburn’s Western Magazine from 1934 to 1950, beginning with “The Preachment of Deacon Bottle” (Star Western, Jan. 1934).

In the late 19th century, in the southwestern frontier town of Latigo, Deacon Bottle is a reformed criminal. Now he’s a deacon, sworn to be done with “skirting the law and using his guns.” But most people don’t believe that, and think he is only a gambler, gunman, and cattle thief who is hiding behind his black frock coat. Unfortunately for his reputation, Bottle often runs into bad men who require shooting, and that’s when Bottle’s skill with his six-shooters comes into play. Bottle is “lovable” and “genial,” with a “moonlike face” and “mild blue eyes.”

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