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Boston Blackie. Boston Blackie was created by Jack Boyle and appeared in six stories, twenty-two films, a radio show and a television show from 1914 to 1951, beginning with "The Price of Principle” (The American Magazine, July 1914).

Boston Blackie is a Lupin, although in his first appearance “Boston Black” is just another career criminal serving a long sentence in a bad California prison. As the stories progressed he became a professional thief, but not one interested in profit. He is, in his own words, a "combatant," fighting against both criminals, a corrupt society, and the vagaries of Fate. Operating out of San Francisco, he robs from the rich and gives to the poor. In one story he helps children who lost everything in the San Francisco earthquake, and in another he gives to a widow whose husband died in the Great War. He is an educated gentleman, respected by society, an older, grey-haired man with a stern face. He is married to his "best loved pal and sole confidant" Mary, to whom he is devoted. His police nemesis is Inspector Faraday, who Blackie takes great pleasure in humiliating.

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