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Boston Betty. Boston Betty was created by Anna Alice Chapin and appeared in four stories in Detective Story Magazine from 1918 to 1919, beginning with “With Alibi’s Aid” (Detective Story Magazine, Jan. 29, 1918).

Boston Betty is a Lupin, and a good one. Betty is bright and attractive, a “dark, calm-faced young woman, with a fine air of self-possession, but a most winning smile on occasion.” She has been, variously, a pick-pocket, shoplifter, mail robber, forger, and thief. She has also been, at different times, “Elizabeth Buxter,” “Aggie Pelton,” and “Mary Beale.” She leaves white cards behind at the scenes of crimes, with her name signed at the bottom and her address provided. This address is a boarding house run by her mother, who helps Betty accumulate the stolen wealth. Betty is spunky and pert, if not particularly witty. Her policeman opponent, old, slow and fat Detective Daniel Lonsdell, is a fit opponent for her.

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