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Bonaparte, Napoleon. Napoleon Bonaparte was created by Arthur W. Upfield and appeared in twenty-nine novels from 1928 to 1966, beginning with Barrakee Mystery.

Napoleon “Bony” Bonaparte is a “half-caste” Australian—half-white and half-Native Australian—who was found at the age of two weeks next to his dead mother and was brought to a nearby mission. He was raised at the mission school and educated at Brisbane University, and from there joined the Queensland Police Department. His intelligence and skill as a detective lead him to rise quickly to the rank of Inspector. He is the product of two worlds, which manifest themselves equally in him. From his white father he gets his strong powers of reasoning. From his Native mother his innate ability to read the “book of the bush,” so that he is a tracker without peer and has all sorts of unusual and even uncanny abilities in “the bush.” Although he is quite vain, he can also be very charming. He is lithe and handsome, with brown skin and blue eyes, and is married to Marie, another half-white half-Native.

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