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Boddy, John. John Boddy was created by Temple Thurston (Richard Furlong (I)) and appeared in ten stories in Windsor Magazine in 1930 and 1931, beginning with “An Idyll of Drury Lane” (Windsor Magazine, June 1930); the stories were collected in John Boddy (1931).

John Boddy is a What’s All This, Then. He is a Constable of C Division in London, and is very much a beat cop and working man’s policeman—no airs, polite and respectful to everyone but frank to the point of near-indiscretion, very handy with his fists, diligent, and capable. But beneath his “What’s all this, then?” exterior is a man who regards “human nature from the angle of a man who stands in the street and whose job it is to watch the people who are unconscious of the fact that they are passing him by.”

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