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Blue Sky Company. The Blue Sky Company was created by Will Payne (Elmer Furbush, Addison Humphrey) and appeared in eight stories in Saturday Evening Post in 1915 and 1916, beginning with “The Salted Show” (Saturday Evening Post, Sept 25, 1915).

The Blue Sky Company is actually William P. Wiggins, a tall slender, youthful man who wants ever so desperately to be a successful swindler and Con Man. Unfortunately, he not only lacks the wit for it—if he tries to swindler the owner of a circus he discovers that not only does the circus lack the money to be swindled, but the circus owner is a better con man than Wiggins is—but he has too much heart for it—when confronted with a pretty young cashier sobbing because someone else has conned her out of $100, Wiggins immediately offers up what cash he has to help her out of her predicament. (This last was witnessed by a policeman, who took pity on Wiggins and did not arrest him).

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