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Blue Man. The Blue Man was created by the Mexican creator Juan Reyes Beiker (Beiker) and appeared in the radio show El Hombre Azul (1943-1944) and the comic strip “El Hombre Azul” (Chamaco, Mar. 1-Dec. 30, 1944).

The Blue Man is a Superhuman Costumed Avenger. Always wearing his distinctive hat, large sunglasses, coat, shirt, and A tattoo on his forehead, The Blue Man, el Hombre Azul, fights evil in Mexico and in London. Although he has superhuman strength, the Blue Man’s trademark is a punch to the nerve endings, which disables his foes without damaging them—the Blue Man prefers peaceful, non-harmful methods for stopping his enemies. He is assisted by Sanrito, who teaches the Blue Man about pacifism. In London, they fight against El Alacran, the Scorpion, and the masked worshipers of the resurrected Pharaoh Kukan. While in China the Blue Man saves Sindbad from drowning and travels back in time with him to help him on his voyages.

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