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Blue Ghost (II). The Blue Ghost (II) was created by Miles Hudson and appeared in ten stories in Detective Fiction Weekly in 1940, beginning with “The Blue Ghost” (Detective Fiction Weekly, Feb. 3, 1940).

Some of the personal background of The Blue Ghost is already common property. The perpetration of a horrible crime, with members of his family as victims, enlisted him in unrelenting warfare against all crookdom. His chief weapons were a keen, logical brain and a healthy, normal body. Years of training, here and abroad, developed the unique talents which have made his name world famous.

Now he pretends to be Milo Hackett, an eccentric, hunchbacked chemist, and no one knows that he’s really Charles Dexter Bradford. As the Blue Ghost he fights crime around the United States and the world: “In Los Angeles it was that dynamite affair at Cosmic Studios. Atlanta recalls the Suicide Epidemic and remembers vague hints that the Blue Ghost had a finger in its solution. Boston and Portland still speak of the John Warlock mystery that resulted in a hundred spreading rumors of The Blue Ghost’s death.” He maintains a mansion with a hidden headquarters and is assisted by Myles Hudson, the agent of “a certain governmental department.”

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