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Blue Ghost (I). The Blue Ghost (I) was created by C.M. Rockwell (Mr. Windle) and appeared in twelve stories in Clues in 1929 and 1930, beginning with “The Blue Ghost” (Clues, Nov. 1, 1929).

The Blue Ghost is a bad, bad man: a murderer, a smuggler of illegal aliens and drugs, and a dope peddler, among other things. His agents are active in the United States and in Europe, but when he comes to the West Coast of America he draws the attention of Mercer, the dapper, boastful captain of detectives in the L.A.P.D. A prolonged duel follows between them, with a typical sequence of events being: Mercer captures the Blue Ghost and roughs him up while in jail; the Ghost uses drugs to feign a fever and then escapes, taking Mercer with him; the Ghost works Mercer over and leaves him stripped naked and cuffed to a telephone pole.

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