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Blord, Artur. Artur Blord was created by E. Mayne Hull and A.E. Van Vogt (Dellian Robots, Jim Pendrake, Rull, The Space Beagle, Weapon Shop) and appeared in six short stories in Astounding from 1943 to 1946, beginning with “Abdication” (Astounding, Apr. 1943); the stories were collected in Planets For Sale (1954).

In the future, in the section of space known as the Ridge Stars, adventurer and businessman Artur Blord risks his life and fortune against wicked businessmen, fifty-foot-long telepathic lizard-like aliens, and zilths (mutated humans) who would foil Blord’s great plans, whether through kidnaping or the manipulation of the Star Patrol, the government of the Ridge Stars. Blord is more powerful and wealthy than any man had ever been, but his enemies will stop at nothing to bring about his downfall. (They fail).

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