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Black Whip. The Black Whip was created by John Brearley and appeared in a number of stories in The Ranger and three novels from 1931 to 1934, beginning with “The Fighting Stranger!” (The Ranger, Oct. 24, 1931).

The Black Whip is an American Costumed Avenger with an American Western accent who comes to Dodston, “a Chicago in the North of England” and a town ruled by gangsters, foremost among them the Terrors. The Black Whip travels to Dodston to break up the gangs. He does so in an all-black costume that only reveals his mouth, and he uses a long black whip and is partnered by a ferocious Alsatian named “Pup.” He later goes to the American Southwest to enforce justice, and then to the deserts of Arabia.

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