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The Black Sapper. The Black Sapper was created by Terry Patrick and appeared in story serials and comic strips in a number of British story papers from 1929 to at least 1973, beginning with The Rover #384 (Aug. 24, 1929).

The Black Sapper is a inventor-thief-turned-Costumed Avenger. The Black Sapper is a mysterious figure, dressed in an all-black costume, who lives in The Earthworm, an enormous burrowing machine in the shape of a submarine. Initially the Sapper uses the Earthworm to commit crimes, aided by his mechanic, Marot; during these years the Sapper is pursued by Commander Breeze of Scotland Yard. (On occasion the Sapper is forced to deal with other enemies, such as an army of giant, subterranean rats). Eventually England is invaded by the Yellow Peril Khansu and the Sapper uses the Earthworm to fight against them. After Khansu are defeated the Sapper remains on the side of right and fights crime.

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