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Black Pirate (V). The Black Pirate (V) was created by “Arnoldo Visconti,” the pseudonym of the Spanish author Pedro Victor Debrigode Dugi (Red Colt, El Fantasma, Victor Vital), and appeared in El Pirata Negro #1-20 (1933?) and El Pirata Negro #1-86 (1946-1949).

Carlos Lezama is a Spanish pirate who as the “Black Pirate” wars on the English, the Dutch, and all the other opponents of the True Faith who wish to keep Spain from ruling the waves. Lezama’s hidden port is on the Panamanian coast, which is where he concentrates his activities, although he is active across the Caribbean, the Atlantic, and even into the Mediterranean and the Sahara desert. His ship is the North Wind. He is described as a “thief and gentleman, a romantic in love, with a generous and noble heart, the Black Pirate writes with his sword and dagger pages of unforgettable emotion and heroism.” He always wears the black clothes of a pirate, set off by a red kerchief around his head and a large golden medallion around his neck.

The Black Pirate (V) appears in stories with titles like “The Leopard,” “Montbars the Exterminator” (see Montbars (I)), “The African Sea,” and “The Sea Witch.”

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