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The Black Pilgrim. The Black Pilgrim was created by George Stanley (Bigger) and appeared in eight short stories which were collected in The Adventures of the Black Pilgrim (1945) and Further Adventures of the Black Pilgrim (1945).

The Black Pilgrim is a Costumed Avenger, a Saint-like adventurer, and a preyer-on-criminals. His background is mysterious. He leaves behind notes explaining who has been punished, and for what, always signing them “The Black Pilgrim” and accompanying the notes with enough evidence for the police to arrest the guilty parties. He is grim, angry, and wears a mask, and sometimes punishes evil-doers by driving them insane. The Black Pilgrim is happy to break laws, by kidnaping criminals, if it will lead to their punishment. He takes on blackmailers, swindlers, and drug dealers, among others. The Black Pilgrim’s Lestrade is Inspector Barney Rye. On occasion the Black Pilgrim uses gadgets, such as a pen filled with knock-out gas.

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