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Black Knight (II). Black Knight (II) was created by “Boixcar,” the pseudonym of the Spanish author Guillermo Sánchez Boix (El Murcielago), and appeared in El Caballero Negro #1-18 (1945).

The Black Knight (II) is a Costumed Avenger Cape-and-Épée Hero modeled on Zorro. In England in 1675 the wicked Lord Redone is oppressing the people, specifically Richard Grundwill, a nobleman whose fiancée, mother, and brother are all held hostage by Redone. So Grundwill and his older mentor, Dionisio (whose interest in Grundwill may be more than platonic), devise a plan: Grundwill will appear to be foppish and ineffectual, but at night he will put on a mask and use his skill with sword and pistol to fight back against Grundwill.

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