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Black Eagle. The Black Eagle was created by the Russian creators Alexander Pushkin and Clarence Brown and appeared in the film The Eagle (1925).

The Black Eagle is a Costumed Avenger. Vladimir Dubrouvsky is a lieutenant in the Russian army. He catches the attention of Catherine the Great, and she makes a pass at him, but he declines and flees into the wilds. She declares him an outlaw. Dubrouvsky is hunted by police and reward-seekers, and further learns that his father has died and his lands have been taken by the wicked Kyrilla Troekouroff. Dubrouvsky puts on a black mask and becomes the Robin Hood-like “Black Eagle.” As “Marcel le Blanc” Dubrouvsky is hired by Troekouroff to be his daughter Mascha’s French instructor, but Mascha falls in love with “Marcel.” After the usual difficulties good triumphs over evil and Dubrouvsky and Mascha live happily ever after.

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