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Black Celts. The Black Celts were created by B.B. Fowler and appeared in three stories in Ace G-Man Stories from 1940 to 1941, beginning with “The Spy Divers” (Ace G-Man Stories, June 1940).

The Black Celts are Liam O'Connor, an Irishman, and Dale Evans, a Welshman. They are the "ace trouble-shooters of the F.B.I.," and quarrel with each other so much that they are almost more dangerous to each other than to the criminals and spies that they always succeed in collaring. “Black Irishman and black Welshman, they were bound together with an iron band of Celtic pride of race. Liam might laugh invective at his partner. Dave might stab with brilliant wit at his roaring team mate. But god help the man who misnamed one in the presence of the other.” O’Connor has

Irish blue eyes, the soft Irish blarney of him and reckless jaunty air….Liam was a big man. He stood well over six feet in his socks. He had the wide shoulders, long arms and deep, arched chest of a prize fighter. People always turned to look at him in the street as he walked with the light ease of a great cat; wondering if he were this or that great champion they had read about in the sport pages….he was a soft, easy-spoken, easy-smiling man till he was pushed just far enough. Then he became a raging storm of action, devastating, dynamic. But always with the keen brain of him alert. He was the black Irish terror wherever he was known.

Evans “was as black as his mate, even blacker, for his eyes were midnight black where Liam’s were blue. He was everything that Liam was not. Liam was heavy artillery. Dave was a sword-blade, keen, pliant, and hard as steel. He was quiet, almost grave. When Liam roared, Dave became silent and was the more deadly for his silence. When Liam shouted with joyous action, Dave became tight-lipped and cold-eyed.”

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