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Bishop. Bishop was created by Wyatt Blassingame (Joe Fall, Allen Foster, Joe Gee, Ghost (II), Necessary Jones, John Smith (II), Thin Man) and appeared in six stories in Black Mask from 1940 to 1942, beginning with “Some Call It Murder” (Black Mask, Jan. 1940).

The Bishop is a short, heavy-bodied man of about sixty, with a head as round and bald and pink as a balloon. He has small, puckish features and no neck between his round head and his big shoulders. He looks more like an aging overgrown imp than like a newspaper man. Actually he’s the political writer on the South City Democrat, and has been on that same paper for forty-two years.

He “has a peg leg—he wears an artificial foot—and always carries a cane in his left hand.” He solves crimes.

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