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Biógeno. Biógeno was created by the Argentinian writer Horacio Quiroga and appeared in “El Hombre Artificial” (Caras y Caretas, Jan 8-Feb 12, 1910).

Three Mad Scientists–the Russian doctor Donissof, the Argentine electrical engineer Ortiz, and the Italian doctor Sivel–have set up a technologically advanced laboratory in Buenos Aires. Their plan is to create an artificial man. Unfortunately, the only way to bring it to life is through feelings–specifically, excruciating agony, which when delivered to the inanimate body of the artificial man will awaken him. Donissof finds a poor homeless man and tortures him until the artificial man, who the scientists name “Biógeno,” comes to life. He appears to feel pain and speaks with the voice of the tortured man, who dies. Donissof decides that he should be hypnotized so that he can absorb the excess pain which Biógeno is suffering from, but when Biógeno touches Donissof the excess pain kills them both.

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