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Biggles. Biggles was created by W.E. Johns (Gimlet, Steeley, Dr. Vane, Worrals) and appeared in 102 novels and story collections from 1932 to 1970, beginning with “The White Fokker” (Popular Flying, Apr. 1932).

James "Biggles" Bigglesworth, D.S.O., D.F.C., M.C., is perhaps the greatest fictional British air ace as well as a successful secret agent. for them. In 1916 he leaves school (he is only seventeen years old) to fight the Germans during World War One. He learns to fly and becomes a fighter pilot in France. He shoots down countless German pilots as well as carries out special missions for British Intelligence. In 1918 he discovers that the great love of his life, Marie Janis, is a German spy. After the War he forms his own air service, Biggles & Co., assisted by his friend and cousin, the Honourable Algernon Montgomery "Algy" Lacy, and within a short time by the spunky young aviator Ginger Hebblethwaite. Together the trio carry out various ordinary flights, transporting cargo and the like, and certain missions for the Secret Intelligence Service, which bring them around the world on any number of exciting missions, including fighting piracy in the Indian Ocean, chasing slavers in Arabia, and pursuing gold robbers from the Australian outback to the heart of the Sahara.

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