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Bigelow. Bigelow was created by Laurence Manning (Colonel Marsh, Norman Winters) and appeared in “The Voyage of the Asteroid” (Wonder Stories Quarterly, Summer 1932) and “The Wreck of the Asteroid” (Wonder Stories, Dec. 1932-Feb. 1933).

Bigelow is a Planetary Romance Hero. He is a photographer, and one day he and his friend Mason are out walking when they see an advanced aircraft land at an estate nearby. Its owner proves to be an old college friend who explains that he has been developing a rocket. He completes it and invites Bigelow and Mason to join him on the trip. They land on a water-covered Venus which is inhabited by dinosaurs and semi-sentient humanoid lizards. In the sequel they travel to Mars and survive a crash landing and attacks by giant, aggressive, carnivorous caterpillars, moths and wasps.

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