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Bey, Kishkish. Kishkish Bey was created by the Egyptian author Naguib al-Rihani and appeared in a number of plays, films, and short stories from 1916 to at least 1934, beginning with the play Ta`ālī lī yā Baţţ.

Kishkish Bey is the `umda (headman) of Kafr al-Ballas, a rural village in Egypt at the turn of the 20th century. He is an older man, provincial and dressed like it, whose trips to Cairo and other urban areas lead to wacky shenanigans. Kishkish is naive in the ways of the big city and is often fleeced by jaded and low city women (usually European) and men (usually foreigners). But Kishkish has a certain amount of peasant cunning and sometimes turns the tables on those who would swindle him. Occasionally he meets Osman.

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