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Berville, Luc. Luc Berville was created by the pseudonymous “Jules Berville” and appeared in the Canadian dime novel Le Roman Policier par: Jules Berville cousin du fameux détective Luc Berville #1-49 (1943-1948).

Luc Berville is a private detective, operating out of Montreal, whose cases often verge on the fantastic, as in “The Living Mannequin” and “Flying Saucers.” Berville takes on assassins, crooked Chinese Triads, flamboyant card-leaving assassins, the Lupin Paul Dufresnoy, and a female serial killer. Berville is sometimes assisted by his cousin Jules Berville.

Luc Berville appears in stories with titles like “The Hypnotized Corpse,” “The Crystal Dagger,” “The Mysterious Marquis,” and “The Melody of Death.”

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