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Berg, Napoleon. Napoleon Berg was created by Alfred Edgar (Jack Durrant, Iron Hagan, Martin Holt, Octavius Kay, Jack Keen, Phantom of Cursitor Fields, Professor Powerby) and appeared in forty-three stories in Boys’ Favourite from 1929 to 1930, beginning with “The Napoleon of 1960!” (Boys’ Favourite, July 27, 1929).

In the far-distant Earth of 1960, “a world of colossal speed, where electrically driven ten-wheeled vehicles sweep by at 200 m.p.h., where gigantic, formidable ships of the air swoop down,” one man has a dream: to CONQUER THE WORLD! Napoleon Berg, “the Emperor of Earth,” has conquered every nation but one. Fortunately, the last nation on Earth to resist him is Britain, and despite Berg’s armies invading Britain Berg is eventually defeated by policemen Jim Rourke and Dick Perrivale.

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