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Benskin, Peter. Peter Benskin was created by E. Phillips Oppenheim (General Besserley, Stanley Brooke, Joseph P. Cray, John Dickens, Nicholas Goade, Malcolm Gossett, Peter Hames, B. JasenGerald Jennerton, Algernon Knox, Ambrose LavendaleJohn T. Laxworthy, Baroness Claire Linz, Joseph Londe, Mannister, Lucie Mott, Sanford Quest, Aaron Rodd, Peter Ruff, Monsieur Sabin, Michael Sayers, Jasper Slane) and appeared in twelve stories in the Saturday Evening Post and Cosmopolitan in 1927 and 1928, beginning with “The Masked Trinity” (Saturday Evening Post, Dec. 24, 1927); the stories were collected in The Human Chase (1929).

Peter Benskin is a policeman from a poor family who works his way up to joining the Detective Force. He is intelligent, observant, and quick on his feet, and although he is neither tall nor strong he is skilled at jiu-jitsu. He is successful at his job and solves the crimes he discovers, but then he gets on the wrong side of “Matthew,” a slim, dapper, humorous master thief and killer who is a combination of Arsène Lupin and Fantômas. Benskin and Matthew have a long and arduous duel before Benskin corners Matthew and Matthew kills himself. Benskin then retires.

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