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Benedict, Stephen. Stephen Benedict was created by Carl Jacobi (Grannie Annie) and appeared in three stories in The Minnesota Quarterly and Terror Tales from 1929 to 1934, beginning with “The Borgian Chandelier” (The Minnesota Quarterly, Fall 1929).

Stephen Benedict is a Lupin. In the words of one of his victims,

The man is a connoisseur; he never takes money, always some tiny vase, some work of art, or something rich in its historical value. His burglaries are planned to detail; they are masterpieces of logic and reasoning. He walks in, takes what he wants, and leaves as though he has a perfect right to it. Everything works like a machine. The fellow has a sense of humor too. He mocks the law, he poses as nobility, and he steals strange things, things which he has no use for, but which the owner values highly.

Benedict always signs his work, usually by leaving a calling card behind. He is highly educated in art, precious stones, and history, and is polite, but always carries a gun and leaves no doubt that when he brandishes it he means to use it.

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