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Ben Yakoud, Yusef. Yusef ben Yakoud was created by Henry Kuttner (The Baldies, Elak, Gallegher, Hogbens, Michael Leigh, Pete Manx, Tony Quade, Prince Raynor, Doctor Thorkel, Thunder Jim Wade) and appeared in a number of stories in Thrilling Adventures, beginning with “Blood of the Desert” (Thrilling Adventures, Nov. 1943).

Yusef ben Yakoud is “the greatest Shaykh in this part of the desert.” He works with the British soldier Grayson to fight the Nazi Menace, because theirs is not “the way of the desert. There, killing existed. It was clean and swift, clean as bright steel. Yusef could not understand the nature of a civilization that could so disregard the laws of the Prophet, the laws of humanity.” Although ben Yakoud is an older man, he is capable of enduring torture with fortitude and of snapping a man’s neck with his bare hands (which he does when pressed).

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