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Belsize, Christopher. Christopher Belsize was created by Vernon Rendall and appeared in fourteen stories, beginning with “The London Nights of Belsize” (The Popular Magazine, Sept. 20, 1917); the stories were collected in The London Nights of Belsize (1917).

Christopher Belsize is very rich and lives in a large house in St. Luke’s Wood. He is reserved and is a misanthrope who is disenchanted with modern life, but he wanders through London, finding adventure and solving crimes which he reads about in the newspapers. He also helps people of the right class, if they are in trouble, as when he engineers the expulsion of a bore from his Club. Belsize has the same memory and penchant for observation based on deduction as Sherlock Holmes, and is as reserved and an expert at a martial art (jiu-jitsu). But Belsize is far better read than Holmes and is well-learned in every conceivable field. Belsize has a fetish about punctuality. Belsize hires Mottram, a former crook who Belsize finds has the right amount of “courage and resolution.” Belsize hires Mottram to be his servant but insists on renaming him “Smith,” as that is the only name a servant should bear.

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