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Bellows, Windy. Windy Bellows was created by “George M. Rock,” the pseudonym of William Bruner (Black Ace, Ham Moody, Vincente the Yaqui), and appeared in twelve stories in Fame and Fortune Magazine in 1928 and 1929, beginning with “‘Windy’ Bellows–Salesman” (Fame and Fortune Magazine, Oct. 1, 1928).

Charles “Windy” Bellows is a plump young man, given to gaudy dress (“a lavender shirt with a burnt-orange tie was Windy’s favorite combination”) who yearns to be a man of wealth and significance in the business world. But Windy doesn’t want to take the slow, steady route to prominence. He prefers the more treacherous road of the get-rich-quick scheme, with himself as promoter and proprietor. But none of his ideas ever pan out, until the final one, a collapsible Complex Six car which, at the press of a button, folds itself up, taking up only half of its usual space. Windy’s best and most loyal and patient friend is his roommate Joe Plodson.

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