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Bellow Bill. Bellow Bill was created by Ralph R. Perry and appeared in at least twenty stories in Action Stories and Argosy from 1930 to 1935, possibly beginning with “The Devil’s Derelict” (Action Stories, Dec. 1930).

“Bellow Bill” Williams is a South Seas Adventurer. He is a two-fisted brawler who fights his way through the China seas, junks, Chinese hatchet men, hustlers, and Yellow Peril Mandarins. Williams is a large man, over 6' tall and 200 pounds heavy, with copper blond hair, the "voice of a dragon" and tattoos covering his body "from wrist to shoulder with stars and serpents and strange beasts; the artistry of tattooers, Chinese, negro, Malay, Polynesian and white.” He is by trade a pearler, but more often than not he is just an adventurer who is unconcerned with profit. He owns and pilots his own schooner, and on several occasions he helps the authorities on various islands and countries in the South Seas.

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