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Bell, Edmund. Edmund Bell was created by “Flanders,” the pseudonym of Raymond De Kremer (Harry Dickson, Jack Linton), and appeared in fifteen stories in the Belgian magazine Bravo in 1936 and 1937, beginning with “L’Élève Invisible” (Bravo, Oct. 1936).

Edmund Bell is a teenaged version of Harry Dickson. Bell, whose father is an eminent member of Scotland Yard, begins as a thirteen-year-old and ages as the series goes on. Bell is not particularly charming as a character; he is intelligent but also malicious. His adventures have the trappings of the supernatural--werewolves, ghost trains, death rays, etc--but are grounded in reality, and by the end of each story Bell has uncovered the reality of the crimes and the criminals. Some of the Bell stories were used in (or were taken from) Jack Linton and Harry Dickson and various other de Kremer-penned series.

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