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Bell. Bell was created by George H. Scheer Jr. and appeared in “Beam Transmission” (Amazing Stories, July 1934) and “Another Dimension” (Amazing Stories, Oct. 1935).

Bell is a Planetary Romance Hero. He is one of the students of Professor Kroelich, who is working on a high frequency radio beam transmission. One night they are affected by the transmission and are compelled to write higher mathematics. They end up channeling the theory for a matter transmitter, and when the transmitter is built they first communicate with the source of the transmission, other intelligent beings, and then travel to them. They prove to be two species, one human and the other disk-like beings, the Fyns, who are more intelligent than humans and live with them in harmony. Unfortunately, war breaks out on their world between hostile nations, and Bell escapes from the world with his new native wife, Lele.

In the sequel, Bell and other humans team up with telepathic Martians to fight an invading alien armada, but when the aliens force the Earth out of its orbit, the Earth is sucked into a space warp and begins orbiting another star.

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