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Bel. Bel was created by “Tyman Currio,” the pseudonym of John Russell Coryell (Nick Carter (I), Helen), and appeared in “The Weird and Wonderful Story of Another World” (Physical Culture, Oct. 1905-Sept. 1906).

Bel is a Superhuman. Tyman Currio, a Planetary Romance Hero, discovers anti-gravity “etheric waves” and builds a rocket to capitalize on it. He flies to Jupiter and discovers that it is not only Earth-like in atmosphere but that it is also inhabited by a race of humanoids who are physically and mentally superior to humans. Currio befriends one of them, Bel, and she tells him of their civilization. In the distant past they had mastered advanced technology, but they are believers in vegetarianism, nudity, physical exercise, returning to nature, and political anarchism. Currio, a meat-eating human, comes off rather badly in comparison to them, and when he falls in love with Bel and tries to impress her by shooting a bird, she knocks him out with a punch and tears apart his rifle with her bare hands. She returns to Earth with Currio to act as a missionary and then abandons him, telling him that she can do her work better without him.

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