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Beethom-Saunders, Villiers. Villiers Beethom-Saunders was created by William Le Queux (Raoul Becq, Robert Bleke, Delmasso & Bray, Count Bindo di Ferraris, Theodore Drost, John Durston, Beryl Gaselee, Claud Heathwaite, William Le Queux, Allan Maclean, Antoine Martin, Harry Nettlefield, Gerry Sant) and appeared in “‘Cinders’ of Harley Street” (The Premier Magazine, Dec. 1915-Aug. 1916); the stories were collected in “Cinders” of Harley Street (1918).

Villiers Beethom-Saunders is a Killer Vigilante. He is a “well-known specialist on diseases of the chest” who dies suddenly and mysteriously. After his death, he sends his school friend, Charles Barrington-Mayne, a packet of papers which reveal that Beethom-Saunders, out of a patriotic urge, carried out a series of assassinations (through the use of a machine, in the form of a camera, which allows drugs to be “atomized and projected by means of a directive electric ray”) of spies, evil men, and the enemies of England. Beethom-Saunders is knowledgeable about medicine, the underworld, English High Society, and the affairs of the diplomats of the U.K. and the Continent, and does what he must to preserve England’s supremacy.

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