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Beaumont, Max. Max Beaumont was created by the Canadian author Maurice Lenoir and appeared in Les exploits fantastiques de Max Beaumont l'insaisissable aventurier #1-289 (1952-1967) and Les exploits fantastiques de Max Beaumont l'inépuisable lover-boy #290-321 (1967-1968).

Max Beaumont is a Québécois private detective. He catches many criminals and sleeps with even more women–his other titles, besides “l’insaissable aventurier,” is “l’inépuisable lover-boy,” or “inexhaustible lover-boy.” He takes on various Femmes Fatales, female assassins, strippers, female biker gangs, and female Chinese Yellow Peril spies.

Beaumont appears in stories with titles like “The Pungent Carcasses,” “Dolls Play Hard,” and “The Deadly Lips.”

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